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Council for Civil Engineering Sydney

Connecting industry with civil engineering education and research

The Council for Civil Engineering Sydney works with industry to support our ongoing world-class education and research excellence in the diverse fields involving civil engineering.

Our members

  • Mr Mick Boyle, Founder and Executive Chairman, Abergeldie (Chair)
  • Ms Jane Nixon, Associate, Arup
  • Dr Kourosh Kayvani, Head of Innovation, Aurecon
  • Emeritus Professor Harry Poulos, Principal Consultant, Coffey
  • Mr Geoff Young, Principal, Douglas Partners
  • Mr Mike Kavanagh, Principal Project Manager, GHD
  • Mr Tony Costantino, Executive Director, Lend Lease
  • Mr David Saxelby, Non-Executive Director, ARTC
  • Mr Peter Thornton, Principal, Transportation Associates
  • Mr Barry Young, Principal, TTW
  • Dr John Pickhaver, Executive Director, Infrastructure, Utilities and Renewals, Macquarie Capital
  • Mr Chris Harrison, Chief Engineer, Engineering Services, Roads & Maritime Services
  • Mr Iain Scoular, Senior Advisor, E3Advisory
  • Mr Peter Baynard-Smith, CEO, Engineers Without Borders
  • Dr Jeff Hsi, Technical Principal, EIC Activity (CIMIC Group)
  • Mr Greg McTaggart, Formerly, Director Building, Sydney Opera House
  • Ms Catherine Port, Assistant Manager, Service Planning and Asset Strategy, Liveable City Solutions, Sydney Water
  • Dr Daksh Baweja, Director, Materials Technology, BG&E
  • Dr Stephen Hain, Principal, Hain Consulting
  • Mr Jarrod Hitchcox, Associate Technical Director, Arcadis
  • Professor Brian Uy, Head of the School of Civil Engineering
  • Professor David Airey, Deputy Head (Engaged Research)
  • Associate Professor Chengwang Lei, Deputy Head (Engaged Education)
  • Professor Gianluca Ranzi, Director of CASE
  • Professor Itai Einav, Director of SciGEM
  • Professor John Patterson, Director of the Centre for Wind, Waves and Water
  • Professor Mikhail Prokopenko, Director of the Complex Systems Research Group
  • Professor David Levinson, Transport Engineering
  • Professor Lynn Crawford, Director of the Project Management Program
  • Mr Keiran Passmore, Executive Director, Engineering Sydney, Faculty of Engineering and IT
  • Mr Malcolm Boyd, Executive Officer, Council for Civil Engineering Sydney