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Meet our school staff

Providing education and research excellence

Our academics are leaders in the diverse areas of structural engineering, geomechanics, wind and environmental engineering, project management, complex systems, transportation and humanitarian engineering.

Key leadership and professional staff

Professor Brian Uy, Head of School

Professor David Airey, Deputy Head (Engaged Research)

Associate Professor Chengwang Lei, Deputy Head (Engaged Education)

Mr Malcolm Boyd, Industry Relations Officer

Ms Susanne Farrar, School Administration Manager

Associate Professor Gwenaelle Proust, Postgraduate Studies Director 

Associate Professor Luming Shen, Director IT

Associate Professor Hao Zhang, International Director 

Dr Ehssan Sakhaee, Learning and Teaching Director 

Dr Peter Cafe, Undergraduate Studies Director 

Assosicate Professor Julien Pollack, Research Director 

Dr Pierre Rognon, Research Training Director 

Ms Margaret Gardoll, Project Management Program Manager

Professor Itai Einav, Geotechnical engineering

Professor John Patterson, Environmental and fluids

Professor Gianluca Ranzi, Structural engineering

Professor David Levinson, Transport engineering

Professor Mikhail Prokopenko, Complex systems

Professor Lynn Crawford, Project management

Dr Li Liu, Construction management

Dr Jacqueline Thomas, Humanitarian engineering

Ms Susanne Farrar, School Administration Manager

Ms Margaret Gardoll, Project Management Program Manager

Ms Daniela Entenmann, Postgraduate Administration Officer

Ms Emmeline Yeo, Undergraduate and Humanitarian Engineering Administration Office

Ms Lorraine Di-Masi, Administration Assistant

Mr Garry Towell, Workshop and Laboratory Manager and School Safety Officer


Associate Professor Peter Ansourian

Dr Mike Bambach

Dr Daniel Dias da Costa

Emeritus Professor Gregory Hancock

Dr Chao Hou

Dr Ali Hadigeh

Dr Mani Kherzi

Mr John Mai

Dr Damith Mohotti

Dr Mohanad Mursi

Dr John Papangelis

Dr Cao Hung Pham

Professor Gianluca Ranzi

Professor Kim Rasmussen

Associate Professor Luming Shen

Mr Paul Uno

Professor Brian Uy

Associate Professor Tim Wilkinson

Associate Professor Hao Zhang

Associate Professor Amin Chabchoub

Dr Kapil Chauhan

Professor Kenny Kwok

Associate Professor Chengwang Lei

Dr Federico Maggi

Professor Jianlei Niu

Professor John Patterson

Dr Yongling Zhao

Emeritus Professors

Emeritus Professor John Small

Emeritus Professor Harry Poulous

Emeritus Professor Nick Traihair

Emeritus Professor Gregory Hancock


Adjunct and Honorary Academics

Adjunct Associate Professor Liaquat Hossain

Adjunct Associate Professor Michel Chaaya

Adjunct Associate Professor Ted Tooher

Adjunct Professor Robert Herbertson

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Paul Uno

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Richard Weber

Adjunct Lecturer Fahim Tonmoy

Honourary Associate Professor Peter Ansourian

Honourary Associate Professor Rob Wheen

Honourary Lecturer Ian Bowie

Honorary Professor Kourosh Kayvani

Honourary Professor Peter Lowe


School of Civil Engineering

+61 1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864) (in Australia)
+61 8627 1444 (outside Australia)
+61 2 9351 2136 (administration general enquiries)
+61 2 9351 3343 (administration general enquiries)
+61 2 9351 3343