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Biomedical engineering and technologies

20 August 2019

5 research projects that could change the world

What do autonomous vehicles, cochlear implants and gut microbiomes have in common? They're all central to some of the ideas that were on display at Research Conversazione 2019, an event that gives our staff and students the platform to explain their ground-breaking research.
18 October 2018

5 things we learnt at Research Conversazione

Farming robots, human breast milk and IoT cybersecurity may seem like unrelated topics, but they all came together under one roof at the Faculty of Engineering and IT's premier annual research event, Research Conversazione.
10 October 2018

New funding to help five engineers and computer scientists soar

Next generation machine learning for surgery, computational neuroscience, and predicting epileptic seizures are just some of the innovative research areas to benefit from new university-wide funding.
24 August 2018

Celebrating the legacy of a biomedical engineering pioneer

The leadership and vision of Professor Andrew Ruys has contributed to the outstanding success of the University of Sydney’s biomedical engineering program – now the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.
25 July 2018

Making speech clearer for cochlear implant recipients like myself

Greg Watkins, a PhD student in biomedical engineering at the University of Sydney, is profoundly deaf. Now with his own cochlear implant, Greg is developing new metrics to improve how recipients hear speech. This is his inspiring story.
11 July 2018

Bionic eye promises a brighter future for the visually impaired

The new Phoenix99 bionic eye being developed by engineers at the University of Sydney uses a camera linked to a retinal implant to help people with a debilitating problem with their vision to see again.
19 February 2018

Meet Rachel Thomas, model, biomedical engineer, medico and author

It is fair to say that Biomedical Engineer and Medical Doctor, Dr Rachel Thomas is a great role model for young women – something she is also passionate about being.

25 January 2018

Implantable medical devices bolstered by next-gen modification

A discovery by University of Sydney researchers could underpin a new class of implantable devices that provide biological signals to surrounding tissue for better integration with the body and reduced risk of infection.
15 January 2018

Metal plates and screws no longer required for fractures

A new 3D-printed ceramic implant developed by biomedical engineers at the University of Sydney will ultimately replace grafts and metal hardware in mending broken bones using the body’s natural healing process.
22 November 2017

Can computer vision and AI predict strokes and prevent disability?

More than 80% of strokes are preventable. University of Sydney biomedical engineering students have proposed a rapid stroke prediction system using computer vision and AI, and accessible to any hospital with a CT imaging machine.