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Energy, resources and the environment

13 February 2019

Plasma engineering expert a positive addition to the Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies has attracted international plasma engineering expert Professor PJ Cullen to the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.
11 December 2018

Combustion engineer’s impactful legacy

For more than 25 years, Emeritus Professor Brian Haynes has been an integral part of the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering’s strategic research direction in Clean Energy, Process Intensification and Combustion, and its life.
18 October 2018

5 things we learnt at Research Conversazione

Farming robots, human breast milk and IoT cybersecurity may seem like unrelated topics, but they all came together under one roof at the Faculty of Engineering and IT's premier annual research event, Research Conversazione.
26 June 2018

The circular economy, a new age in recycling

New technologies developed by the University of Sydney’s Chemical and Biomolecular Engineers are creating usable products from industrial waste that benefit people and the environment while creating new income streams.
10 April 2018

It pays to be green

Chemical engineering researchers may have found new methods to make sustainable practices a profitable venture for industry.

07 November 2017

New appointments bolster Faculty ranks

The academic ranks of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies have been strengthened by the arrivals of Associate Professor Amin Chabchoub and Doctor Edward Hoffman to the School of Civil Engineering.

18 August 2017

SOAR fellow unlocking the key to sustainable energy

Dr Yixiang Gan is researching how heat transfers through porous matter such as sand and rock. Understanding the physics of these granular materials may be the key to dependable energy systems.

14 August 2017

A transformative approach to power generation in Australia

Associate Professor Ali Abbas’s research explores a transformative approach to power generation in Australia using industrial waste to create useful materials for other industrial plants.

11 August 2017

Chemical research sparks new industry

A new catalyst designed by chemical engineering researchers offers sustainable solutions for hydrocarbon production and sparks the potential for economic expansion in Australia.

15 June 2017

Respected academic duo join Faculty

Two civil engineering academics join the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies. Their research will specialise in wind and infrastructure, as well as energy systems and thermal.