student profile: Mrs Afroja Akter


Thesis work

Thesis title: Bragg grating solitons in dual core systems

Supervisors: Javid ATAI , Liwei LI

Thesis abstract:

The existence and stability of quiescent bragg solitons in a dual-core system of Fiber bragg grating (FBG) will be investigated. Where both core will be consider to have periodic bragg gratings and cubic-quintic nonlinearity with dispersive reflectivity. BG solitons has a two parameters of solitons family in a periodic structure that fills the entire band-gap, one parameter is (i)solitons’s velocity, other is (ii) detuning frequency, peak-power, and the width of the solitons. Various effects such as reflectivity, initial separation, and phase difference will be analysed in terms of existence of stability of solitons. It can be expected and will be investigate�br /� the expanded stability region due to dispersive reflectivity. The existence of unstable moving solitons will also be analysed.

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