student profile: Mr Bellal Hossain


Thesis work

Thesis title: Investigation of Gap Solitons in dual-core Optical Fiber

Supervisors: Liwei LI , Javid ATAI

Thesis abstract:

The presence as well as stability of solitons within a dual-core optical fiber separated with both uniform as well as non-uniform Bragg gratings will be investigated. Both cores will have cubic-quintic nonlinearity with dispersive reflectivity. We may also consider local defect within Fiber Bragg gratings. Stable region for both zero velocity solitons as well as moving solitons will be investigated. Besides, the interaction as well as collision between solitons will be investigated for different soliton velocity, detuning frequency, peak-power, width etc. Moreover, some other important parameters for instance dispersive reflectivity, initial separation as well as phase difference between two solitons will be considered to analyze the presence of stability and instability of solitons.

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