student profile: Mr Cuong Nguyen


Thesis work

Thesis title: Cold-rolled aluminium double channel portal frames

Supervisors: Kim RASMUSSEN , Cao Hung PHAM

Thesis abstract:

Portal frames are widely used in both industrial and residential applications. In general, most of the portal frames are made from hot-rolled steel sections or cold-formed steel sections, while aluminium alloys have been proved that it has many advantages compared to steel when used as a construction material. However, most aluminium structures today are made of aluminium alloys manufactured using extrusion process instead of cold-rolled aluminium which can be used efficiently due to high strength-to-weight ratio, ease of fabrication and transportation and simple erection and installation. Therefore, a comprehensive study on cold-rolled aluminium double channel portal frames is presented in this thesis. The aim of the study is to determine appropriate design recommendations that help engineers to safety and efficiently design aluminium portal frames.

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