student profile: Mr Di-qi Zeng


Thesis work

Thesis title: Resilience assessment of spatially distributed and interdependent building portfolios under hurricane hazard

Supervisors: Hao ZHANG , Kim RASMUSSEN

Thesis abstract:

Hurricanes can cause severe damages and economic losses to built environment, whose risks are further intensified by the current trend of climate change. Resilience is a concept used to analyse hazard risk for a whole community. It focus on the interactions of different engineering and non-engineering systems inside common community under a natural hazard, and investigate not only direct hazard losses but also how hazard effects propagate into socioeconomic consequences during post-hazard period. When currently most researches only focus on individual infrastructures' hazard risks, this research is going to develop a general probability-based framework to analyse the resilience of spatially-distributed and interdependent building portfolios under hurricane hazard.

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