student profile: Mr Ebrahim Alaei


Thesis work

Thesis title: A hydrodynamic model of granular media considering gas, liquid and solid regimes, using the MPM

Supervisors: Benjy MARKS , Itai EINAV

Thesis abstract:

There are numerous examples of the phase-changing phenomena in granular media, where solid-, liquid- and gas-like phase characteristics are exhibited at the same time. Cases such as tilted sand pile, flow of grains down silos, granular flow over obstacles are where granular material behaviour depends on the shear rate it is subjected to. In the literature, numerous geomechanical theories have been proposed to consider the complex characteristics of particulate media, using significantly distinct expressions. Quasi-static behaviour of particulate media has been studied using elasto-plastic based theories or hypoplastic ones. Rather different constitutive relations exist to consider gas-like phase of granular media. However, there is no single widely accepted theory to describe the phase-changing nature of granular media. Therefore, in order to capture the characteristics of granular media properly, a theory capable of considering distinct phases of granular media seems indispensable. The focus of this study is to present a numerical method that qualitatively captures the overall phenomena in granular material, especially during its distinct phases. The model will utilize Granular Solid Hydrodynamics (GSH) as a constitutive law to solve BVPs using Material Point Method (MPM).

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