student profile: Mrs Eranga Dulanjalee Pilippu Hewage


Thesis work

Thesis title: Erosion and entrainment during landslides

Supervisors: Benjy MARKS , Itai EINAV

Thesis abstract:

Rapid landslides and avalanches can travel long distances and cause significant damage to live and infrastructure. Dynamic processes and the nature of the debris material are both important topics in the study of the rapid nature of landslides. Erosion and entrainment are two key processes which determine the dynamic behaviour of debris material of a landslide. The motion of the debris material can be interpreted as a dynamic interaction between the flowing layer of material and an entrained basal soil which is sheared along a contact surface. Many theories and experiments exist to describe the large-scale features of landslides, but relatively little is known about the micro-mechanical aspects of their flow. In small scale laboratory experiments, techniques like X-ray imaging can be used to study the entrainment rate of bed materials systematically. These techniques will allow for repeatable, controllable experiments to be performed. It will severely constrain the form of the entrainment rate terms, and this new information will be upscaled to a Savage Hutter flow model, and finally tested against both medium scale laboratory experiments, and field data.

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