student profile: Mr Feng Qiao


Thesis work

Thesis title: Hybrid AC/DC distribution network voltage control

Supervisors: Gregor VERBIC , Jin MA

Thesis abstract:

The hybrid AC/DC micro-grid has been introduced to facilitate the integration of distributed generators and mitigate redundant energy reversion between AC and DC power.Yet despite much efforts have been done to discover a operational scheme of micro-grid,controlling this complex entity to benefit voltage quality in distribution networks has not been well investigated,especially in the case that multiple micro-grids are coexisted with renewable energy sources and voltage regulators. It can be envisioned that a hybrid AC/DC distribution network equiped with a well-designed voltage control scheme can coordinate different voltage regulators and energy sources including hybrid AC/DC micro-grids to secure the voltage quality along the distribution feeders and a satisfied energy schedule in each microgrid.

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