student profile: Mr Fred Westling


Thesis work

Thesis title: 3d Reconstruction and pruning of Avocado Trees

Supervisors: James UNDERWOOD , David JOHNSON

Thesis abstract:

The quality of commercially produced fruit can be correlated to the amount of light energy the tree absorbs while growing the fruit. By controlling the amount of energy the tree is capturing (using existing knowledge from the horticultural industry), we can improve fruit quality and yield. We can use simulation of sunlight and tree models to predict the energy profile and thus the yield. However, this work is only useful if it can provide a benefit to the industry. To that end, the final aim of this thesis work will be to use 3D LIDAR reconstruction and energy simulations to suggest a pruning plan for the trees to maximise yield. This will draw on research from robotics (LIDAR reconstruction and navigation), horticulture (energy profiles and yield) and forestry (tree modelling).

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