student profile: Mr Gholamreza Vahedi Sarrigani


Thesis work

Thesis title: Investigation of Interfacial Diffusion Membrane Using Novel Nanoconfined Polymer Crystallization for Natural Gas Processing

Supervisors: David WANG , Dianne WILEY

Thesis abstract:

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas found primarily as the main combustion product of fossil fuel as well as a second high composition component in natural gas. The interest to remove CO2 from those gas streams to obtain fuel with enhanced energy content and prevent corrosion problems in the gas transportation system, in addition to CO2 implications to the climate change, has driven the development of CO2 separation process technology. One type of technology which has experienced substantial growth, breakthroughs, and advances during past decades is membrane-based technology. Nowadays separation of CO2/CH4 using mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) has attracted increasing attention due to their robustness and ease of fabrication. The main challenges in the fabrication of MMMs are the selection of fillers, which controls the gas separation characteristics of membranes.

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