student profile: Mr Ishfaque Elias


Thesis work

Thesis title: Multi-scale Analysis of Methane Activation on Spinel Oxides

Supervisors: Alejandro MONTOYA , Brian HAYNES

Thesis abstract:

The problem of global warming and climate change is increasing at an alarming rate due to human activities all around the world. Production of greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide is a major cause behind this and it needs to be reduced significantly. Methane is also a source of value-added chemicals. Thus, methane activation would be beneficial economically, as well as environmentally. Spinel oxides have recently gained interest due to their effectivity in a variety of applications and in particular as heterogeneous catalysts and catalyst supports for gas phase reactions. Nickel Aluminate, for example, has immense potential in its use as catalysts, especially for the applications in dry methane reforming as it prevents sintering and hence provides superior stability against carbon deposition, which represents one of the major drawbacks of these catalytic systems.The aim of this study is to have a fundamental understanding of methane activation on spinel oxides.

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