student profile: Mr Iwan Adhicandra


Thesis work

Thesis title: Performance Evaluation, Indoor Planning, and Coexistence with WiFi for LTE in Unlicensed Spectrum

Supervisors: Abbas JAMALIPOUR , Joe DONG

Thesis abstract:

The worldwide mobile data usage has grown approximately 70% yearly in current years. The enormous mobile data usage necessity motivates the mobile industry to support the difficult task and create next-generation mobile technologies. LTE, as a popular cellular technology, has grown great importance in current years due to its high data rate and better data access technique for mobile devices. However, LTE still may not be able to meet the mobile data challenge due to existing spectrum insufficiency in licensed bands. Thus, cellular network faces serious encounters to providing high-performance mobile service to end users in the immediate future. In order to sustain the possible growth in mobile capacity demand, using the unlicensed band as a supplementary band for LTE is being considered as a favorable solution to increase the capacity of mobile systems. Based on the improvement of carrier aggregation, 3GPP has approved a study item, which will support LTE by offloading mobile data in the unlicensed band. Hence, LTE will run on the spectrum that overlaps with WiFi, which is another common unlicensed band technology. The concern is that LTE and WiFi are unlikely to have mechanisms to directly coordinate with each other, considering dissimilar core networks, backhauls and deployment plans of LTE and WiFi networks. The goal of this project is, therefore, to explore how LTE will influence on WiFi when both of them share the same channel and to develop a possible coexistence procedure to initiate the coexistence between LTE and WiFi in the unlicensed band.

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