student profile: Mr Jasper Brown


Thesis work

Thesis title: Information theoretic path adjustment for perception and manipulation

Supervisors: Salah SUKKARIEH , He KONG

Thesis abstract:

My thesis seeks to adjust a planned manipulation path to maximise relevant information gain and will be demonstrated in the context of fruit picking, which is a timely and economically relevant application area.

Grasping and manipulation are essential functions in robotics and are often considered in a probabilistic context to maximise the likelihood of a successful action. Information theoretic perception is also a well studied area with many methods for maximising information gain within a given environmental representation. My thesis seeks to better bridge these two areas using an environment representation that is appropriate for fruit harvesting, and concepts from information theory to combine the perception and manipulation goals.

If solved, this problem would allow for faster and more accurate robotic manipulation of objects with known goals, especially in obscured environments such as fruit picking.

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