student profile: Mr Jiawei Zhang


Thesis work

Thesis title: Design of smart socket for home energy management systems

Supervisors: Joe DONG , Jeremy (jing) QIU

Thesis abstract:

�p�This research project proposes to build a smart socket system for monitoring and controlling home energy consumption. The system will be designed based on an Arduino platform with several functional modules. It can monitor home electrical parameters such as current, voltage, active power, energy consumption, etc. Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and 3D printing technology will be used to design and print all the socket structure to fit all electronic components into the shell. The measured data can be transmitted wirelessly to a computer or a smartphone via wi-fi. At the same time, the smartphone and computer can switch ON/OFF the smart sockets remotely to control energy usage. A user-friendly Android app and Web interface will be designed for real-time visualization of the energy consumption data collected from the smart socket system. The project also proposes to connect smart socket system which can monitor energy consumption data and storage in order to monitor home electrical device consumption and its energy efficiency in sessional and yearly periods. Finally, the project proposes to connect the smart socket system with an existing Internet of Things (IOT) platform such as Google home and Amazon Alexa to realize future advanced smart home functions.�/p�

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