student profile: Mr Kenneth Tam


Thesis work

Thesis title: Mechanisms of Grain Boundary Sliding: A Computational Study on Grain Boundary Sliding in UFG HCP Materials

Supervisors: Gwenaelle PROUST , Luming SHEN

Thesis abstract:

Using severe plastic deformation (SPD) on magnesium (Mg) and titanium (Ti) to achieve ultra fine grains, in the nano scale or a ultra-fiine grain (UFG). A comparative study is done to determine the grain boundary mechanisms found in hexagonal close packed (HCP) structures, which these alloys are, using tensile testing and various electron microscopy studies. From the Hall-Petch equation Mg has a mechanical strength comparable to Ti making it an attractive material for Ti alloy applications when the deformation mechanisms are discovered and can be controlled. Through the use of visco-plastic self consistent (VPSC) models of the materials can be generated and compared against the mechanical data achieved earlier, and with an accurate model it can be applied to any simulation of any application.

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