student profile: Mr Kenneth Tam


Thesis work

Thesis title: Effect of Texture and Temperature on the Deformation of Magnesium Alloys AZ31: A Modeling Approach

Supervisors: Gwenaelle PROUST , Luming SHEN

Thesis abstract:

A visco-plastic self consistent (VPSC) model of magnesium alloy, AZ31, is compared against mechanical data to create an accurate model to be applied to any simulation of any application. Since magnesium alloys are anisotropic materials while under different loading directions activate different deformation mechanisms. Deformation mechanisms range from {10-12} tensile twins, {10-11} compressive twins, <a> basal and prismatic slip, and <c+a> pyramidal slip. The deformation mechanisms are also sensitive to temperature, especially with <c+a> pyramidal slip. The VPSC created in this study utilises a dislocation density based hardening law coupled with a composite grain model, to accomodate for both temperature and texture effects.

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