student profile: Ms Khushnood Naqshbandi


Thesis work

Thesis title: Facilitating prosociality through technology: Design to promote digital volunteerism

Supervisors: Rafael CALVO , Abelardo PARDO

Thesis abstract:

Volunteerism is a form of prosocial action i.e. voluntary action that is performed with the intention to help or benefit others. While design of technology for modifying or facilitating certain types of behaviours is common, technology design for prosociality has not been formally tested, and instances of technologies that actively facilitate prosocial behaviours like volunteerism are disparate and disconnected from each other. This project will utilize theoretical frameworks from psychology and other disciplines revolving around prosocial behaviour and human-centred methods from human-computer interaction to establish and evaluate a set of common design patterns to promote and enhance volunteerism in online spaces.

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