student profile: Mr Liam Milton-mcgurk


Thesis work

Thesis title: Entrainment and mixing in turbulent negatively buoyant jets and fountains

Supervisors: Nicholas WILLIAMSON , Steven ARMFIELD

Thesis abstract:

This investigation seeks to obtain high resolution velocity and density measurements of turbulent negatively buoyant jets and fountains in both transient and steady-states using optical techniques (particle image velocimetry and laser induced fluorescence). This will allow for entrainment in these jets and fountains to be more thoroughly studied that has been possible to this date, allowing for the accuracy of existing models to be more closely assessed. In addition to this, the present investigation seeks to shed light on the validity of one of the most widespread, yet controversial, assumptions essential for these models: that the flow is self-similar. The findings of this research will have far reaching implications for the fluids mechanics of fountain flow, as well as paving the way for better overall flow predictions for industrial and natural applications, such as brine discharge in desalination plants or the replenishment of magma chambers.

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