student profile: Mr Md Nazmul Hasan


Thesis work

Thesis title: Improving Mechanical Properties of High-Entropy Alloy by introducing Gradient Structures

Supervisors: Xiaozhou LIAO , Xianghai AN

Thesis abstract:

This project aims is to know how the deformation and their interaction of high entropy alloys affect their mechanical properties and how to improve mechanical properties via microstructural design. The reliability and even functionality of high entropy alloys can depend strongly on their mechanical properties which could be enhanced by changing microstructure from homogeneous to heterogeneous (grain size gradient along depth). Thus by knowing their crystal structure, defects and their interaction, burgers vector of dislocation, mechanical properties could be revealed. This project requires conduct tensile experiments and in-situ compression in TEM combine with SEM, FIB, XRD to understand the details of their size effects and the deformation mechanisms behind the observed phenomena.

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