student profile: Mr Md Zahangir Alam


Thesis work

Thesis title: Energy-efficient cluster based MIMO multi-hop best-relay selection for vehicular communication

Supervisors: Abbas JAMALIPOUR

Thesis abstract:

�p�Advanced vehicular networking technology plays an important role in the design of wireless connected vehicles that will be an integral part of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to enable a completely new set of services, ranging from road safety improvement to traffic efficiency optimization. The ultimate challenge of the network designer is the wireless propagation characteristics for both vehicle-to-vehicle (VTV) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (VTI) communications. Our previous work on the best path selection on multi-hop vehicular communication uses the assumption of narrow-band system design resulting from stationary or quasi-static channels. In this work, we extend the cluster based MIMO multi-hop best relaying into vehicular communication in time-varying channel for both VTV and VTI links. We deploy an optimal precoder and receiver filter design to mitigate interference from secondary cluster transmission at local and global power constraint with perfect channel state information (CSI) in all links. We develop a mathematical model to find the optimal best path to enhance the network quality of services (QoS) for further studies and analysis. Computer simulation will be conducted to verify the correctness and accuracy of the theoretical derivatives. In future, the work can be extended to find the best path selection for unknown CSI in all possible links using robust transceiver design techniques in literature.�/p�

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