Professor Peter Lowe

BE (NZ) M.Eng.Sc., PhD (Lond), MA (Camb) FIEAust, FIPENZ, M.I.C.E.

Honorary Professor
School of Civil Engineering

J05 - J05 Civil Engineering Building
The University of Sydney

Telephone +61 2 9351 2136
Fax +61 2 9351 3343
Website School of Civil Engineering

Research interests

  • Infrastructure Studies for Sydney - in particular Public Transport, with special focus on the feasibility for achieving a modern, dedicated, underground rail network spanning the inner city and surrounding urban centers ( with a co-author).
  • Renewable energy resources - a scheme capable of supplying the bulk of the electrical power needs of the Sydney Region is the objective. The core proposal seeks to integrate renewable power generation in a novel fashion with the city water supply, for the widest public good and favourable environmental outcomes.
  • Innovation in Construction Technology - there is considerable scope, and a need, to innovate in the construction industry. Environmental considerations relating to more efficient use of the present building materials, including reducing waste produced in the building cycle, suggest many novel developments, with scope to stimulate new and more efficient uses for our current materials.
  • Use of waste materials in new building - there is the scope and need to re-deploy classes of building waste in new permanent structures.
  • Studies in Concrete and Rock Properties - a continuation of earlier studies, especially as could relate to better understanding the effects of the recent devastating earthquakes in New Zealand, particularly the quake of 22nd February 2011.
  • Engineering Heritage - the study of the legacy available to us from earlier times in engineering terms, provides many insights and potential benefits to current and future generations. There are feedback opportunities and resulting insights for us to better plan the future for community benefit.

Selected Publications

  • Most recently published book: Basic Principles of Plates and Slabs, Whittles Publishers, Caithness, Scotland, 248p., 2005
  • A series of stand-alone publications under the general title of 'Sydney Infrastructure - the future'. To date there are eleven Parts, 0 - 10, beginning in 2005, as well as later revisions, as the topics have evolved. All the Parts are available in the University of Sydney Library System, and in the State and Federal Copyright Libraries."

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