student profile: Miss Sheryl Chang


Thesis work

Thesis title: A quantitative evaluation of social impact of large-scale epidemic in Australia

Supervisors: Mahendra PIRAVEENAN , Mikhail PROKOPENKO

Thesis abstract:

The potential emergence of epidemic has raised great concern for not only public health but also the heavy economic penalty caused by widespread social impacts. The financial and social burden that epidemic breakouts bring calls for a thorough quantitative evaluation that can be used as predictive tool for potential breakout. Traditional assessment of social impacts of epidemic either is an aftermath or uses stochastic not-to-scale modeling; the results hence lack reliability and accuracy. This study aims to evaluate the social impacts of epidemic in quantitative interpretation using data generated from the innovative computational epidemiological model that is tailored specifically for Australian population under framework “InfoCast”. The model-based evaluation looks into financial and social consequences of epidemics under different conditions (“what-if scenarios”). Further considerations are also taken for benefit optimization using game theory. Ultimately, the evaluation can suggest optimal intervention and mitigation policies, thereby effectively serve as a predictive data analytic tool to help authority preparing for epidemic breakout in the future.

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