student profile: Mr Stephen Ong


Thesis work

Thesis title: Megaprojects and Stakeholder Networks: Development of a Practical and Systematic Structural Approach by an Empirical and Heuristic Analysis

Supervisors: Shahadat UDDIN , Petr MATOUS

Thesis abstract:

�p�It is not uncommon for the inherent complex and chaotic nature of megaprojects to cause derailment. Oftentimes, this results in output which consume an inordinate amount of resource and time, yet fail to deliver results which are analogous to or exceed client expectations. Whether in private or public sectors, uncertainties permeate throughout all levels and stages of a megaproject and the magnitude and scale only deter and limit the level of control and management one can exercise. This research aims to determine the factors which contribute to this pattern of failure. It proposes that among other aspects, the nature of the contributing stakeholder networks plays a major role in determining the level of risk and convolution a project experiences. Through an analysis of the hidden intricacies of megaproject stakeholder networks, it aims to determine various methods and techniques for ameliorating the dissonance between clients and other stakeholders. The ultimate aim is to promote greater control over budget, time and output.�/p�

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