student profile: Mr Tanvir Hossain


Thesis work

Thesis title: Pull-out capacity of soil anchors under dynamic loading

Supervisors: Pierre ROGNON , Benjy MARKS

Thesis abstract:

�div style="text-align: justify;"�There is an extensive body of research in the field of geotechnique and geomechanics, which has established the maximum uplift force an anchor can sustained before failing. Existing work have primarily focused on static loadings, characterized by an applied tensile force that is constant in time. Pull-out forces were measured and predictive models were established for different anchor geometries (e.g plate anchors, screw anchors, tree-root inspired anchors) and in different type of soil including granular sandy soils and clays. These models are commonly used by geotechnical engineers worldwide to design anchoring systems for utility poles, transmission towers, buildings, and offshore structure such as wind turbine and oil rigs.�br /� However, in many applications the force subjected to the anchors is not constant, but vary in time. Examples include wind loadings, loading due to waves on offshore structures, and earthquake induced loadings. There are multiple evidences that soil mechanical response to cyclic stress strongly differs from their response to static loading. For instance, cyclic loading may lead to soil liquefaction and loss of contact between the soil’s particles, which can strongly weaken its mechanical strength. However, the resistance of soil anchors subjected to such cyclic loading remains poorly understood.�/div�

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