student profile: Mr Toan Huynh


Thesis work

Thesis title: Structural Behavior of Cold-Formed Steel Screwed Connection

Supervisors: Gregory HANCOCK , Cao Hung PHAM

Thesis abstract:

This research will be carried out in order to investigate the behaviour of connections using screws in cold-formed steel structure. Failure in screwed connections of thin steel sheets often occurs by a combination of different limit states: tension, tilting and hole bearing, end distance failure of sheets and shear failure in screws. Capacity reduction factors for screwed connections range from 0.5 to 0.65 which show that there are great uncertainties in strength calculation. The complex behavior of screws in interaction with thin material requires more insight in order to understand the behaviour of the connections in steel structures and to provide better design methods for engineers. The first part of the research includes testing and finite element modeling of simple screwed connections to enhance understanding of the connectors’ behaviour. A test rig for testing structural connections will be built. The second part of the research Testing and finite element modeling of complex screwed connections will be carried out. Finally design rules for screwed connections can be developed. Computer simulation will be used to validate their accuracy and reliability.

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