student profile: Mr William Infante


Thesis work

Thesis title: Operational Strategy and Analysis of Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping Stations

Supervisors: Jin MA , Yan XU

Thesis abstract:

Battery swapping stations could address constraints in the growth of electric vehicles such as high upfront cost, range concern, slow battery charging, and power grid strain. To maintain a sustainable model, a scenario-based electric vehicle swapping station strategy model is proposed that optimally allocates batteries to minimise the overall station cost. The model also considers the battery lifecycle, electric vehicle customer station visit distribution, load demand and electricity market profiles, and support to complementary business such as grid ancillary services. Furthermore, the model can be used to reconsider the allocation not only limited to batteries, but also a generalised energy unit that can be transported or aggregated with an on-need basis in the electricity, gas, or transport network.

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