student profile: Ms Yifan Zhou


Thesis work

Thesis title: Behaviour and Design of Fabricated Stainless Steel Composite Beams

Supervisors: Brian UY , Chao HOU

Thesis abstract:

Stainless steel is gaining popularity for its significant strength in higher durability, corrosion and fire resistance, as well as excellent aesthetic benefits. It is evident that fabricated stainless steel composite beams will be considered more efficient in the future structural design of modern buildings. This type of structure optimises the structural performance by combining the advantages of both stainless steel and concrete material.

This research aims to investigate the behaviour of full scale fabricated stainless steel composite beams that are made from welding stainless steel plates. The bolted shear connection is adopted to promote the demountability, allowing the recycling and reuse of stainless steel beams to achieve a sustainability in construction. The behaviour of such beams under four-point loads will be studied experimentally and analytically. Parametric studies on the material grades, the shear connection levels and the span to depth ratios will then be carried out by finite element analysis. Furthermore, results from the experimental test and the finite element simulation will be utilised to compare with the existing design provisions. Proper design guidance for this innovative composite beams will be provided accordingly.

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