student profile: Mr Yuchen Song


Thesis work

Thesis title: Behavior and Design of Composite Beam-Column Joints with Fabricated Stainless Steel Sections

Supervisors: Brian UY , Chao HOU

Thesis abstract:

The application of stainless steel in construction has attracted increasing interests in the past few decades. Compared with conventional carbon steel, stainless steel has significant advantages such as higher durability and corrosion resistance, excellent ductility, enhanced fire performance and reduced life cycle maintenance cost. However, the relatively high cost of production has restricted the application of stainless steel in structural engineering. This drawback could be partially overcome by using composite stainless steel-concrete structures, which provides a cost-efficient and sustainable solution for future construction. This research will focus on the development of innovative composite stainless steel-concrete beam-column joints made with large fabricated stainless steel sections, which can be further applied in large scale infrastructural projects. A demountable configuration will be adopted for this structural system, allowing complete reuse and recycling of the stainless steel elements at the end of the service life. Both experimental and analytical investigations will be carried out to ascertain the overall behavior of the proposed joints, as well as the behavior of sub-assemblies including stainless blind-bolts and stainless shear connectors. Based on these knowledges, rational design methodology will be developed for the proposed joints to promote their application in engineering practice.

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