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High school teachers and career advisers

Guide your students towards a future-focused career

If you’re a teacher with students interested in engineering, computing or project management, the Faculty of Engineering and IT has a range of outreach activities run here on campus or at your school.

Students working on science experiment in classroom

With outreach activities in programming and gaming, biomedical prosthetics, project management, construction, humanitarian engineering, robotics and flight systems, we have a program to meet the needs and interests of every student.

We can bring our engaging and education activities to your school, or we can set up these activities and tours of our impressive facilities at our Sydney campus. These tours could involve a visit of our Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR), one of the largest robotics research institutes in the world; a tour of our flight simulator where students get a sense of what it would feel like to be behind the wheel of a jumbo jet; and an activity to convert wind energy into electrical energy using one of our wind tunnels.

To discuss outreach options simply email us.


As part of our Propel initiative, we have more than 20 outreach activities on campus. If your students join us for at least four of these over their high school years they could receive a $2000 study abroad scholarship once they begin their engineering, computing or project management degree at the University.


The University and the faculty have a range of valuable scholarships to provide financial freedom and support students to reach their goals. Why not encourage your students to explore what opportunities are available to help them achieve their best?

Career advisers

Help your students find their path to the university through our career advisers' resource. Read about upcoming events, recent publications, school visits, campus tours, faculty-based activities and more.