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Health technology innovation

Bridge the gap between the technical and clinical in healthcare

If you are a health practitioner, engineer, computing professional or scientist, this unique program will equip you with the skills to deliver improved outcomes for patients through the innovative use of health technologies.

Master of Health Technology Innovation

A professional degree for those seeking to take advantage of the exciting opportunities in this emerging field.

What is health technology innovation?

Healthcare solutions are increasingly dependent on the innovative use of modern technologies to improve patients’ health outcomes. A smart watch to help people with sleep apnoea detect and improve their sleeping patterns, a wearable device to track heart and respiratory rates, smart glasses for the vision-impaired, and a fitness tracking ring – these are all examples of health technology innovations. 

Why study health technology innovation?

A postgraduate degree in health technology innovation is an ideal professional qualification for those already in the medical or related industries who wish to expand their career options and take advantage of exciting opportunities in this emerging and exciting field.

Graduates can become technology specialists within the health and medical fields, using their detailed knowledge and practical hands-on expertise to manage health technology infrastructure.

After your degree, you could be responsible for selecting and deploying software products and help to create and manage business applications, websites and systems within health-related organisations.

Why study health technology innovation with us?

  • Our Master of Health Technology Innovation will allow you to work alongside engineering, health professionals, IT specialists and scientists on innovative healthcare solutions. 
  • Our teachers are leaders in health, engineering and technology from across the University and its extensive network of hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  • The course comprises core units, foundation units, specialist units and a capstone project. You can choose units that complement your particular background and qualifications.
  • You’ll work across disciplines on projects based at the University’s world-renowned Charles Perkins Centre.
  • To accommodate your professional commitments, our flexible study options include block or intensive mode, evening classes and online modules, or you can choose a combination of options.

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At the master’s level, this degree will take two years full time to complete (96 credit points). The program can also be taken at the level of Graduate Diploma in Health Technology Innovation (1.5 years and 60 credit points).

Interdisciplinary courses

Fast track your Master of Health Technology Innovation

Your prior qualifications or in some cases, work experience, may enable you to reduce the number of credit points required to complete your degree. See how it works.

2019 postgraduate guide

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“Technological advancement and innovation are driving significant change in the health sector. I see substantial opportunities for graduates who have both the technical expertise and medical knowledge to lead this advancement.”
Klaus Schindhelm, Chief Research Officer, ResMed