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Years 9 and 10

Accelerate your learning in high school

As you begin to build your knowledge of maths, science, computing and engineering during Years 9 and 10, why not advance your skills through our exciting high school outreach programs?

High school students experimenting with liquid nitrogen

Chemical Engineering Work Experience

When: 6–10 May; 2-6 September 2019
Year: 10

Our faculty offers work experience placements for Year 10 students interested in chemical engineering. Students are teamed up with either an academic or PhD student to work on a project.

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Applications close 9am Monday 1 April; outcomes announced 5 April.

A robot used in engineering workshops

Explore Engineering Winter School

When: Thursday 18 July 2019
Years: 10

Through this one-day intensive workshop on campus you will discover more about the range of disciplines and careers available in engineering. You will experience the latest technologies while participating in hands-on activities, visiting laboratories and an industry site. Places are limited.

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Applications close on Monday 10 June

Application outcome will be announced by Monday 17 June

Two girls standing next to Drop Bears banner

First Robotics
(The Drop Bears)

When: One night per week during school term
Years: 8–12

The University of Sydney hosts a high school student robotics team competing in the international First Robotics competition. The team includes students from a variety of Sydney high schools who work together to build a robot to compete in a sports-like competition. By participating, you will learn valuable skills in programming, robotics, building, project management, leadership and communications.

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Indigenous Australian Engineering School (IAES)

Indigenous student working on robot

When: 12–18 January 2020
Years: 10–12

The Indigenous Australian Engineering School is an annual event established by Engineering Aid Australia. Open to 25 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students entering Years 10, 11 and 12, the six-day live-in school gives students a taste of engineering as a university course and career. It involves hands-on and challenging activities within the Faculty of Engineering as well as site visits to engineering companies.

Download IAES 2020 Brochure (PDF 1MB)

Download IAES 2020 Application Form (330KB)

Indigenous STEM Workshop

Indigenous students in a chemistry workshop

When: July dates TBC
Years: 10–11

The Indigenous STEM Workshop is a week-long residential program for Years 10 and 11 Indigenous students to strengthen their STEM subjects, showcase further study opportunities, and give insight into career prospects. The program entails study skills sessions, hands on activities, and industry site visits to showcase various careers and opportunities in engineering, medicine, science, and other STEM areas.

This is an invitation-only Propel activity.

Student programming an Arduino board


When: 10 October–18 November 2018
Year: 9

This six-week online challenge aimed at Year 9 students teaches you about embedded systems and their use in everyday life. It involves using Arduino Esplora boards to investigate fun and interactive ways to use science, technology, engineering and maths to solve real-world problems. Teachers run the program from their high school.

Applications are currently closed for 2019.

National Computer Science School (NCSS) Programs

High school girls interacting with a touch screen table

Girls Programming Network (GPN)

When: Four times per year
Years: 8–10

A program run by girls, for girls, this one-day workshop gives you the opportunity to develop games, learn about digital media, sound, image and video manipulation, and even create smart phone applications. The tutors are a mix of university students and professional software engineers from companies like Google and Atlassian.

Apply for the Girls Programming Network

NCSS Challenge

When: 1 August–4 September 2018
Years: 9–12

A five-week online competition, the NCSS Challenge gives you the opportunity to learn and try out computer programming. We’ll teach you how to program as we go along, rather than expecting you to be an expert already. If you’re a seasoned coder, we have something for you too. The problems range from relatively straightforward to mind-bendingly hard.

Applications are currently closed for 2019.

Teenagers working in team

Project Management  Camp

When: 3-4 October 2019 
Years: 10–12

This two-day on-campus program offers an excellent opportunity for high school students to learn about project management and where this dynamic field can take them. The students will hear from one of our alumni, Sam Woods (BPM, MMgT), Manager for Business Transformation Portfolio at Westpac Group. They will also participate in interactive workshops with our academics and current university students. The program includes a site visit to Australia’s leading technology company Atlassian to learn about projects in action.

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(Applications close 9am 2 September 2019)

Internal vision of human body

Bioengineering Innovation Outreach Challenge 2019

When: 15 April 2019
Year: 10–12

As part of this program, research mentors will support teams of four students from year 10–12 to identify a short-coming of current medical technology and apply the skills of bioengineering to design a solution to that problem.

Participants will present at the University of Sydney and hear from distinguished speakers from the university and industry. The winning teams will be awarded prizes and research opportunities.

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View the Biomengineering Innovation Outreach Challenge brochure

School of Computer Science High School Fellowship Program

When: February–July 2019
Years: 9–12

This program is a unique opportunity for high school students to experience studying a first-year university subject, INFO1110: Introduction to Programming.

Run by the School of Computer Science in the Faculty of Engineering, this subject focuses on the foundational principles of coding and software development process, including skills of testing and debugging. It is a prerequisite for more advanced programming languages, systems programming, computer security and high-performance computing. Participants can also connect with the industry sponsors via the program.

This is an invitation-only Propel activity.