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23 September 2019

Rosemary Berrick Photography Competition open for entries

International House residents are invited to submit photos for our annual photography competition hosted by SUIHAA.
20 September 2019

I-Night recap and videos

The bright lights of International Night took centre stage in the Wool Room with a three-hour showcase of residents’ talents in the performing arts.
21 August 2019

Can science solve unsustainable fashion?

From new materials to A.I., science hopes to solve some of fashion’s biggest problems.
18 July 2019

Five reasons to live at International House

Applications for Semester 1 and full-year 2020 accommodation at International House are open now. Here are five reasons to consider living with us:
11 July 2019

Family values

Geophysicist Greg Houseman (IH 1975-77) and his entrepreneurial wife Hannah Yiu (IH 1975-77) are among the many couples to have met at IH. Their son Alex (IH 2007-09) continues the family legacy, and his parents’ vision for a more internationalist world.
30 June 2019

In my room with Carmen Ip

In this first instalment of “in my room”, Ka Man (Carmen) Ip shares with us some of her personal possessions – items which make her IH room feel like home.
24 June 2019

A cautionary tale for an online world

The first novel by IH alumna Lulu Smyth reveals the dangers of modern technology, and the slippery slope of controlling your personal narrative in an online world.
28 May 2019

Foundation Day a Chance to Reconnect

International House alumni are invited back to the house this Friday to celebrate our annual Foundation Day Dinner from 6.30pm.
16 April 2019

International House 2021 relocation

International House will relocate to the new Regiment Building on City Road from 2021.
09 April 2019

A Different View: A Peace Project by Memphis Bourne Blue

A chance encounter at the 2013 Special Olympics sparked the idea for Memphis Bourne Blue's project to transform the lives of refugees in Australia.