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IPOS Introduction

Meet members of IPOS and learn about our activities by watching the new IPOS video. IPOS researchers talk about invisibility, internet, comunications, defence and medicine.

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Business Development

Find out about the linkages between IPOS researchers and industry. Learn about our engagement with telecommunications, which has been revolutionised by photonics, and the part Sydney researchers played in this revolution, including spinning off companies. Learn about new opportunities for photonics in telecommunications and more widely.

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Postgraduate Study at IPOS

Post Graduate Life

Life as a Postgraduate Student in IPOS at The University of Sydney provides an environment rich in education and full of diverse activities. Students have academic supervisors that are helpful, supportive and eager to assist students throughout their learning activities.

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Masters Degree, Photonics and Optics

IPOS is about research and education. IPOS is a new opportunity that provides a Masters in photonics, which is due to in 2010. IPOS is the materialization of the enormous breadth and depth of knowledge that is to be shared through teaching by various experts. The Masters degree offers eight units of study, which cover all aspects of photonics from the fundamental theory to applied fabrication processing. The degree also includes practical training on fabrication, optical measurements, including units on nano- photonics and quantum photonics.

To enroll in the Masters degree an undergraduate degree in physics, electrical engineering or relevant working experience in the area is required.

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Researching and Teaching - Quantum Photonics

When controlling an individual particle of light – the photon – the rules of quantum physics are necessary. These new rules will enable a new generation of technologies based on quantum physics, such as perfectly-secure quantum cryptography and ultrafast quantum computers. As well as pursuing these new quantum technologies, our study of quantum photonics is changing the way we understand the universe at its most fundamental level.

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Research at IPOS

Slow Light and Photonic Crystals

Since the first discovery a decade ago of slowing down the light, there have now new been methods to slow the speed of light. IPOS is exploring a new method, photonic crystals, to slow the light down through a medium and allow light to be reflected.

Researchers at IPOS have been undertaking pioneering work in photonic crystals, which has been recognized worldwide. IPOS has been highlighted in research articles such which nature physics. IPOS looks to developing the diamond photonic crystal, merging with industries to develop operational devices in the market.

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Development of Polymers

A particular type of polymer optical fibre, which is the micro structured polymer fibre, uses a pattern of holes to achieve their optical properties. Those patterns can be manipulated to control the optical properties. IPOS is challenged with the fabrication process and understanding the optical properties of the polymer optical fibre.

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Butterfly Technology

Iridescent butterflies achieve their colouration through a tiny microstructure in their scales. There are many reasons to anaylse iridescent butterflies but the main reason is that all biological systems are the product of evolution and trial and error experiments.

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History of Light as Data

Recent scientific developments include making optical fibres exceptionally transparent. That scientific progress allows fibres to transmit over long distances and allows the transmission of signals to be controlled so large amounts of information can be loaded into the fibre. The ability to make fibres transmit data around corners and bends required the development of pure materials.

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