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Custom programs

Working alongside clients to create impact from projects

Our team have extensive experience In leadership development, executive education and leading and governing major projects and work with you to develop a suitable programs and services for your organisation.

Our learning approach

Our custom programs create powerful transformations for our clients which support lasting impact through a change of practices and uplift of leadership capability in your organisation.

We draw on our extensive experience in public and private sector and on our research in major projects across a range of domains.

Our experienced leadership development team will assist your organisation by identifying your leadership needs to support major projects and create programs tailored to your requirements.

These programs are designed to provide hands-on learning experiences, practical insights and recommendations on how to achieve effective leadership and governance in your organisation to support major project success.

Program design  

Working with your team, we will design custom programs to meet your specific organisational requirements.

From the outset we will undertake a discovery and diagnostic exercise to better understand the context and key issues. This will enable us to design a customised capability development program that will be of most benefit your team and organisations.

Programs are designed at varying audiences levels and for intact teams working on projects depending on your needs. We also offer coaching and mentoring services for indivduals and groups.

Customisable learning objectives will allow you to:

  • understand what governance of major projects is and what it is not
  • explore characteristics of good governance (and what commonly undermines it)
  • review processes for selecting, evaluating and executing major projects
  • understand sources of risk, uncertainty and decision bias in these business-defining projects.

Our new Leading Transformational Projects Program run in Silicon Valley is also offered as a custom program for boards and executives to prepare themselves for the future of industry and work and realign their organisations for the changes ahead.

The following three themes guide our initial program design:

  • Doing the right projects
  • Doing the right projects with the right team
  • Doing the right projects, the right way.

The following themes guide our program design:

  • Leading self
  • Leading teams
  • Leading systems.