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Building Collaborative Delivery Partnerships Program    

Understanding relationships

Shift beyond engineering and contractual partnership approaches to create a collaborative relational environment. This program enables the extension in mindset from a focus on schedule, budget and risk allocation to deliver "value for money" outcomes. 

Our three month Building Collaborative Delivery Partnerships Program:

  • Offers an immersive learning experience where contractors and clients  build robust relationships to deliver the complex programs of the future.
  • Enables an extension in mindset from a focus on schedule, budget and risk allocation to delivering value for money outcomes for all stakeholders.
  • Allows you to learn from client, consultant and contractor perspectives and by working on real-life scenarios to understand the diverse views of success to seek out mutually rewarding solutions.

Who is it for

Designed for project and program leaders who already have the basic commercial acumen concepts of how projects should be run, but now want to understand the human aspects (psycho-social) of how multi-organisation projects operate.

Capabilities you will develop

Participants will be challenged to transform their behaviours through the development of the following key capabilities:

  • emotional & social intelligence
  • appreciative enquiry & innovation
  • stakeholder engagement
  • building shared purpose & trust
  • performance management
  • difficult conversations with positive outcomes.
Able to solve problems quicker, not felt so alone in attempting to solve problems, different viewpoints and way to manage issues.
Participant feedback on our programs

You learning journey

Programs based on two 2-day residential workshops and one 1/2-day workshop with a range of stimulating and thought provoking sessions, aimed at re-perceiving projects.

Subject matter experts from client, consultant and contractor perspectives help will help us understand the diverse views of success and seek out mutually rewarding solutions.

Real-life scenario
The 2-day immersive experience uses a real life scenario based on the development of a new integrated infrastructure solution for the Parklands Precinct of Western Sydney Metropolis.

Adaptive challenge
The insights from the first workshop are embedded in the participant’s own organisation through a workplace adaptive challenge.

Peer coaching
Scenario insights are transferred to your real world challenges over a three month period supported by facilitated peer coaching.

Peer coaching is followed by a capstone event, participants will do a presentation based on their adaptive challenge.


Our delivery team is comprised of experienced learning & development professionals:

Malcolm Dunn

David Saxelby

Guest speakers

Learning from the lessons of those who have worked extensively on infrastructure and planning projects across NSW is key to the program. Highly experienced executives join the first two days of the workshop to share their insights.

Contact us

Speak to our Program Director for more information Malcolm Dunn +61 2 8627 4914