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Dorothy Vicenzio
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What program suits you?

Choosing the right education program

For those leading and governing business-defining projects, the capabilities they need to succeed are unique. Our executive education programs equip project leaders to deliver optimal value for their organisations.

Our difference

We are uniquely positioned in the executive education sector, offering both research-based and industry-specific expertise, with a particular focus on major project governance and leadership.

We will equip you with vital capabilities in major project leadership and governance, and you will gain insights into how to apply these attributes to leadership of large-scale, transformational projects.

Our education offerings

  • information technology
  • telecommunications
  • finance and banking
  • infrastructure
  • transport
  • urban renewal
  • oil and gas
  • mining
  • construction

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  • A representative of an organisation wanting to build on their organisation’s project leadership and governance capabilities
  • An individual with a minimum of 10 years’ experience leading major projects looking to develop their capabilities further
  • A board member or senior executive who governs or oversees business-defining major projects

Project leadership

The John Grill Centre’s flagship offering is the Executive Leadership in Major Projects (ELMP) program. It is tailored to people who are responsible for leading and governing complex, large-scale projects.

This program suits:

  • people with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in executive leadership and major projects
  • an organisation that wants to build the leadership capabilities of project teams.

Key outcomes

  • Designing and delivering major projects that generate strategic and policy outcomes
  • Aligning key stakeholders and leading your team, project and governance board
  • Creating projects with significant impact for organisations and society

Project governance

If you govern or oversee a business-defining project , join our one-day governance programs or custom programs for boards and senior executives.  

These programs suit:

  • senior executives and board members with oversight of business defining projects
  • project sponsors and teams needing to develop governance-oversight abilities and practices
  • organisations wishing to define their governance model and establish governance capabilities across project and governance teams.

Key outcomes

  • Implementing effective governance structures and practices for major projects
  • Knowing the key governance questions to ask project sponsors, project leaders and vendors, and what to look for in their answers
  • Recognising and addressing key sources of opportunity and risk in projects

Please contact us to discuss your education needs.