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Hammer and gavel. Representing the struggle with regulatory issues with medicinal cannabis research.

Regulatory issues in Australia

Improving the accessibility of medicinal cannabis for patients

Investigating changes to regulatory frameworks to enable cannabinoid products to be more easily accessed for therapeutic use.

Project overview

The legislative landscape for medicinal cannabis in Australia has recently undergone a number of landmark changes. These include: revised scheduling classification of cannabis, federal licensing for cultivation and manufacturing, and approval for warehousing of imported product. While these changes have aimed to improve the accessibility of medicinal cannabis to patients, there are still a number of regulatory barriers hindering patient access. One problem is that the majority of cannabinoids designed for human therapeutic use – many of which are non-psychoactive – still reside within Schedule 8 of the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s classification scheme as very tightly controlled drugs.

We are investigating potential changes to this regulatory framework that would ‘down schedule’ some cannabinoid products to allow them to be more easily accessed for therapeutic use. The outcome of this work will be improved access to cannabinoids for research purposes and ultimately, for patients.

Project commenced – February 2018

Rhys Cohen
Professor Iain McGregor

Anastasia Suraev

Investigation into regulatory reform

The Lambert Initiative

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