History of the LEC and the LPAB and admission to practice law in NSW

Old College

From 1848, before Australian universities offered law degrees, the Supreme Court set examinations for admission to the profession. The tradition has been continued by the Legal Profession Admission Board (LPAB), allowing people to study law, in the country as well as the city, and to become legal practitioners in circumstances where it might not have been possible otherwise. The forerunners to the LPAB were the Solicitors Admission Board (SAB) and the Barristers Admission Board (BAB).

The LPAB awards the Diploma in Law to recognise the successful completion of its examinations.

In 1964 the Senate of the University of Sydney established the Law Extension Committee (LEC) specifically to teach the Board’s students and to prepare them for the Board’s examinations. Since then the LEC has provided all of the tuition required by the students enrolled in the LPAB’s Diploma in Law course using teachers engaged by the University, both practitioners and academics, and providing access to all of the resources of the University’s Law School library.