Career opportunities for lawyers

What options exist for graduates, other than legal practice?

The Diploma in Law is oriented towards training lawyers who wish to be admitted to practice, either as a sole practitioner or as a member of a law firm. However, qualified lawyers are in demand in a wide range of occupations including accountancy, government departments, insurance, banking, finance, media and sport. A majority of students in the course are graduates in other disciplines.

What if you wish to practise law in a jurisdiction in another state or territory in Australia?

The protocol of “mutual recognition’’ enables lawyers admitted to practice in any state or territory to seek admission in any other jurisdiction in Australia. However, in most jurisdictions, a local practicing certificate entitles you to practice without having to seek admission. You are advised to contact the local Law Society or Bar Association to confirm the requirements.

Is there still a difference between barristers and solicitors?

Although flexibility between the two arms of the profession is increasing, in New South Wales you may still practise as a solicitor or as a barrister. In some other states the distinction is not made. Barristers traditionally provide specialist advocacy and advice. If you wish to practise in New South Wales as a barrister after admission as a lawyer, you will also complete a Bar Practice Course conducted by the Bar Association. Further information is available from the Law Society of NSW and the Bar Association of NSW, and from the equivalent bodies in other states.

Postgraduate study

After completing the Diploma you may be eligible for candidature in a university Master of Laws (LLM) program, or other specialised postgraduate law courses. Diploma students have a successful presence in the University of Sydney’s prestigious postgraduate program.

Master of Laws at the University of Sydney

Graduates who are qualified for admission to candidature for the degree of Master of Laws at the University of Sydney may also qualify to undertake the degrees of Master of Criminology, Master of Environmental Law, Master of Jurisprudence, Master of Labour Law and Relations, and Master of Taxation.