About the course


Students at a weekend lecture

The Diploma in Law is a legal qualification awarded by the Legal Profession Admission Board. The Board is the authority which admits lawyers to practice in New South Wales.

The Diploma is the academic equivalent of a law school degree and through the protocol of “mutual recognition” it can provide entry to practice in all legal jurisdictions in Australia. The course is oriented towards those who wish to practise law and is taught by practitioners and academics at the University’s Camperdown Campus on the edge of the Sydney CBD.

The fundamental aim of the course is to provide a readily accessible legal education and a flexible means of entry to the legal profession. The program is academically rigorous, but emphasis is placed on performance in the course rather than on high entry requirements.

The course is designed to be especially suitable for part-time students, including country and interstate residents. Lectures are delivered in the evenings and weekends over two semesters from May to August and November to February. Examinations are conducted by the Board in March and September and held in Sydney and various regional centres in NSW.