Fees and other costs


Fees are deliberately kept low to ensure that the Diploma in Law is an accessible pathway to the law, and provides an opportunity for those from a diverse range of backgrounds to study and work in the law. The cost of obtaining the Diploma in Law is significantly less than comparable qualifications.

There is a once-only application fee when you register as a Student-at-Law (From 1 July 2019 $295).

Then you pay per subject. Fees are payable to the LPAB, and as at 1 July 2019 the fee is $930 per subject. Because fees are paid on a per subject basis, you pay as you study, which means there is no debt incurred, and you graduate debt free.

Based on those fees it is possible to complete the twenty subjects in the course for around $18,900. However, be aware that the LEC usually increases its tuition fees by 5% in the Summer semester so this cost may increase over time.

Other costs

You will also need to buy text books, and the cost of these can be substantial. There are options to purchase second hand, and most texts can also be sourced from the Sydney Law Library. As an LPAB student you have full access to the Library.

Distance students will also incur costs in travelling to the University to attend lectures.

Most of our students are working, and a number find that many of these costs are tax deductible.