Opportunities for continuing legal education and non-award study (MCLE and CPD)

It is possible to undertake additional, non-award, single subject study within the Diploma in Law program.

This allows legal practitioners and others to refresh and update their knowledge or extend their understanding by studying those electives they didn't have time to complete when undertaking their degree or diploma.

For legal practitioners, single subject study can be particularly useful if:

  • your practice has changed direction;
  • you want to develop new skills to allow you to move your practice in another direction;
  • there were electives which interested you but you didn't have the time to complete.

Also, there are subjects in the program that may be particularly useful to accountants, conveyancers, teachers and those in local government and the finance industry.

MCLE and CPD requirements of professional bodies can be satisfied by completing a course within the Diploma in Law program. You may choose to do the assessment and the final examination, but this is not a requirement of non-award study. The fee for each subject from November 2017 is $865, and one subject would easily meet the 10 hours per year MCLE requirement, whether you choose to attend evening or weekend classes.

Refer to Course structure and curriculum for more information about the subjects offered.

Non-award study is available initially in the following subjects:

  • Insolvency
  • Conveyancing
  • Succession
  • Intellectual Property
  • Competition and Consumer Law
  • Local Government and Planning Law
  • Industrial Law (Labour Law)
  • Family Law
  • Understanding Legal Language and Legislation (Statutory Legislation).

General information about non-award study is available on the LPAB's website.

Should you have any questions about non-award study or would like to register, please contact the LPAB via email or by telephone on +61 2 9338 3500.