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Our visitors

Eminent international scholars and respected industry professionals

Each year, transnational specialists visit our community of legal researchers to collaborate and exchange ideas. Our international visitors also teach in our postgraduate program and offer distinctive global perspectives.

International experts from some of the world’s leading law schools visit us each year and make a significant contribution towards our teaching and research activities.

Visitors for 2018 include:

Associate Professor Hilary J. AllenProfile
Teaching: Principles of financial regulation (LAWS6345)

Professor Livingston Armytage  Profile
Teaching: Law, Justice and Development (LAWS6928)

Dr R.P. AustinProfile
Teaching: Takeovers and reconstructions (LAWS6008)

Professor Lizzie Barmes Profile
Teaching: International & comparative labour law (LAWS6022)

Ron Barusch | Profile
Teaching: Cross-border deals (LAWS6997)

Gerry Bates | Profile
Teaching: Environmental law & policy (LAWS6044) & Pollution, Corporate Liability and Governance (LAWS6065)

Dr Andrew Bell, SC | Profile
Teaching: Commercial conflict of law (LAWS 6824)

Alan Bennett
Teaching: International import/expert laws (LAWS6037)

Dr Christopher Birch, SC | Profile
Teaching: Legal responsibility & philosophy of mind (LAWS 6827)

The Honourable Justice Ashley Black | Profile
Teaching: Securities & markets regulation (LAWS6247)

Dr Elisabeth Boris | Profile
Teaching: Shareholders’ remedies (LAWS6957)

Garth Brown | Profile
Teaching Mediation – skills & theory (LAWS6821)

Chloe BurnettProfile
Teaching: Interpretation of statutes & other texts (LAWS 6326)

Richard Calnan | Profile
Teaching: Interpreting commercial contracts (LAWS 6903)

Emeritus Professor Terry Carney | Profile
Teaching: Legal Research 1 (LAWS6077) & Legal Research 2 (LAWS7001) 

Associate Professor David Chaikin | Profile
Teaching: Law of asset protection (LAWS6953)

Honorary Professor Duncan Chappell | Profile
Teaching: Mental Illness: Law and Policy (LAWS6877)

David Chin | Profile
Teaching: Employment law advocacy (LAWS 6937)

Adjunct Professor Nicholas Cowdery | Profile
Teaching: Discretion in criminal justice (LAWS6066)

Associate Professor Armin Cuyvers | Profile
Research: EU constitutional law and theory, sovereignty, (con) federalism and the euro crisis.

Nuncio D’Angelo
Teaching: Commercial trusts (LAWS6333)

Jan Job (JJ) de Vries Robbé Profile
Teaching: International financial transactions: law & practice (LAWS6138)

Professor Andrew Dickinson | Profile  
Mentoring: Private international law

Ms Alexandra Fowler | Profile  
Teaching: Legal Reasoning and the Common Law System (LAWS6252)

Judge Yosuke Fujita
ANJeL Judge in Residence

Malcolm Gammie, QCProfile
Teaching: UK International taxation (LAWS6109)

Professor Richard Garnett | Profile
Teaching: Commercial conflict of laws (LAWS6824)

Professor Lawrence Gostin | Profile
Teaching: Global health law (LAWS6920)

Professor Peter HarrisProfile
Teaching: Comparative corporate taxation (LAWS6153)

Professor Richard JohnstoneProfile
Teaching: Work health & safety: law & policy (LAWS6096)

Dr Saiful Karim | Profile
Teaching: Asia Pacific environmental law (LAWS6141)

Professor Jenni KlugmanProfile
Teaching: Gender inequality & development (LAWS6334)

Associate Professor Ian LeeProfile
Teaching: Corporate social responsibility: theory & policy (LAWS6140)

Professor Jinyan Li | Profile
Teaching: Chinese international taxation (LAWS6091)

Dr Armytage Livingston
Teaching: Law, justice & & development law (LAWS6928)

Professor Julie Macfarlane | Profile 
Mentoring: Research methodologies

Anne McNaughtonProfile
Teaching: Contract Management (LAWS6328) & Fundamentals of contract law (LAWS6991)

Professor Rob Merkin, QC | Profile
Teaching: Insurance contract law (LAWS6882)

Emeritus Professor Gabriel Moens | Profile
Teaching: International business law (LAWS6059)

Paul O’Donnell
Teaching: Taxation of corporate finance (LAWS6125)

Greg O’Mahoney Profile
Teaching: Market manipulation & insider trading (LAWS6944)

Commissioner Susan O'Neill | Profile
Teaching: Environmental planning & impact assessment law (LAWS6354)

Melissa Ogier | Profile
Teaching: Transfer pricing in international taxation (LAWS6123)

The Honourable Justice Nicola PainProfile
Teaching: Environmental litigation (LAWS6041)

Dr Helen PatersonProfile
Teaching: Forensic psychology (LAWS6970)

The Honourable Justice Rachel PepperProfile
Teaching: Environmental litigation (LAWS6041)

Dr Alison Pert | Profile
Teaching: International Law I (LAWS6243), International Law II (LAWS6167), & International Law – the Use of Armed Force (LAWS6062)

Dr Kate Petersen | Profile
Teaching: Workplace Investigations (LAWS6305)

Professor Elizabeth Pollman | Profile
Teaching: Corporate Innovation and Regulation (LAWS6318)

Lindsay Powers | Profile
Teaching: Insolvency law (LAWS6159)

Elizabeth RaperProfile
Teaching: Employment law advocacy (LAWS6937)

Donald Robertson | Profile
Teaching: Commercial conflict of law (LAWS6824)

Jeff Smith | Profile
Teaching: Environmental planning & impact assessment law (LAWS6354)

Dr Manuel SolisProfile
Teaching: Asia Pacific environmental law (LAWS6141)

Professor Tania SourdinProfile
Teaching: Mediation – skills & theory (LAWS6821)

Dr Brett Williams | Profile
Teaching: World Trade Organisation law (LAWS6063)

Yong Wu
Endeavour Research Fellow – PhD student from University of Munich, Germany. Doctoral thesis: Dismissal based on operational requirements from a comparative legal perspective.

Professor Ethan YaleProfile
Teaching: US international taxation (LAWS6171)

Honorary Associate Professor Alex Ziegert | Profile
Teaching: Functional Analysis of Law and Social Control (LAWS6187)