Semester One 2018 Semester Length Units

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Monday evenings

Explaining Crime (LAWS6048)

  • Examine the relevance of theory to the process of explaining crime as a social phenomenon.
  • Analyse the history of criminological thought.
  • Assess contemporary approaches to criminological explanation including the influence of feminism and postmodernism.
  • Examine the cross-disciplinary nature of efforts to understand crime, criminality and their causes.
  • Explore the links between criminological theory and the development of public policy.

Taxation of Offshore Operations (LAWS6129)

  • This unit examines Australia’s rules for taxing the income earned from offshore operations.
  • The unit examines the taxation of conducting business and holding investments offshore through foreign branches, companies, trusts, partnerships, and hybrid entities.
  • It also examines the repatriation of profits from these entities, the treatment of the cost of financing these operations and the consequences of offshore reorganisations and relocations.
  • The unit examines in detail Australia’s CFC rules, transferor trust regime, the FITO regime, thin capitalisation rules and foreign hybrid rules.

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Tuesday evenings

Expert Evidence Law and Class Action Procedure (LAWS6307)

  • The expert evidence component of the unit will examine the role of expert witnesses, their reports and their testimony in civil and criminal cases. This will include an examination of the law governing the admissibility of expert evidence and the procedural means by which such evidence is adduced. Part of the unit will be devoted to current controversies surrounding the role of experts in particular civil and criminal cases.
  • The class actions component of the unit examines the substantive law, legal theories and procedural devices for the litigation and resolution of large scale, complex civil litigation. This encompasses representative actions, class actions and the use of other mechanisms for the aggregation and resolution of mass claims, including under bankruptcy law.

International Import/Export Laws (LAWS6037)

  • This unit is a comparative study of international import/export laws. It does not look in detail at Australian law. The material covered in the unit is based on the WTO multilateral agreements which the 159 WTO member countries have adopted and which bind them on the topics covered

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Wednesday evenings

Forensic Psychology (LAWS6970)

  • Examine the application of psychological knowledge and theories to all aspects of the criminal and civil justice systems.
  • Draw upon psychological evidence to explain and understand some of the people and processes involved in the legal system.

Takeovers and Reconstructions (LAWS6008)

  • This unit considers the Australian law and regulatory policies governing corporate control transactions.
  • We examine the requirements for a successful acquisition by a bidder of 100% of the issued securities of a target corporation; why 100% ownership of the target is desirable; and how to achieve it if the bid falls short.
  • We consider regulated takeover bids under Chapter 6 of the Corporations Act, and the available alternatives to a regulated bid, including members' schemes of arrangement and other control-affecting transactions such as selective reductions of capital and share buy-backs.

Taxation of Business & Investment Income A (LAWS6840)

  • First class commences on 28 February 2018
  • This unit, along with LAWS6841 Taxation of Business and Investment Income B, is designed to provide an advanced study of the tax treatment of various important business transactions.
  • It provides a detailed examination of the income tax and capital gains treatment of selected complex commercial transactions and their impact on the tax base.
  • The goal of the unit is to develop an understanding of the policies, detailed rules and current practical problems involved in this area of taxation, through the analysis of a number of specific problems discussed in each seminar. Because of continual change to the taxation system, recent legislative amendments and judicial decisions will be examined in detail where applicable.

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Thursday evenings

Crime Research and Policy (LAWS6032)

  • Examine the research methods in the context of criminology and explore the relationship between theory and methodology.
  • Assess the production of knowledge about crime.
  • Examine the sources and forms of crime data.

Taxation of Corporate Finance (LAWS6125)

  • This unit will analyse the current law on the tax treatment of the principal forms of raising corporate finance from sources both in Australia and offshore, in Australian and foreign currencies, and of hedging the various exposures that a taxpayer may have from of its fund-raising and investments.

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