Semester Two 2018 – Semester Length Units

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

Monday evenings

Criminal Liability (LAWS6034)

  • Examine the ways in which criminal liability is established, and the central factors governing liability.
  • Analyse the general principles of criminal law, constituent elements of particular offences and the definition of a range of defences from historical, theoretical and practical context perspectives, with a special focus on male violence.
  • Gain an appreciation of the tensions and perceived prejudices inherent in the criminal law and the criminal justice system.

Taxation of Partnerships and Trusts (LAWS6118)

  • The objective of this unit is to examine the policy and practical issues that arise in Australia for the taxation of income derived through partnerships and trusts which are generally transparent for tax purposes. The focus of the course is twofold. First, it looks at the use of these vehicles by small business and in the case of trusts by high wealth individuals. Secondly it looks at the use of these (and other effectively tax-transparent) vehicles for collective investment.

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Tuesday evenings

International Law I (Group B) (LAWS6243)

  • Gain an introduction to public international law.
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of the core principles and problems of, and contemporary issues in international law.

Legal Responsibility and Philosophy of Mind (LAWS6827)

  • The unit will look at contemporary philosophical work on free will consciousness, mind, and causation and apply this work to present problems in regard to concepts of legal responsibility.

Taxation of Business & Investment Income B (LAWS6841)

  • First class commences on 24 July 2018
  • This unit, along with LAWS6840 Tax of Business and Investment Income A, is designed to provide an advanced study of the income and capital gains tax treatment of various complex commercial transactions.
  • The goal of this unit is to develop an understanding of the policies, detailed rules and current practical problems involved in this area of taxation, through the analysis of a number of specific problems that will be discussed in the seminars. Because of continual change to the taxation system, recent legislative amendments and judicial decisions will be examined in detail where applicable.

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Wednesday evenings

Australian International Taxation (LAWS6209)

  • First class commences on 25 July 2018
  • Australian International Taxation is a detailed study of the fundamental principles of Australia's international taxation regime as it applies to cross-border business and investment transactions.
  • The unit focuses on corporate residence, source, non-resident withholding tax, relief from international double taxation, CFCs, transferor trusts and transfer pricing.

Child Sexual Abuse: Diverse Perspectives (LAWS6105)

  • Examine the socio-legal complexities of responding to child sexual abuse in society.
  • Acquire a theoretical and multidisciplinary framework for understanding and evaluating contemporary issues relevant to child sexual abuse.

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Thursday evenings

International Law II (Group B) (LAWS6167)

  • This unit of study consolidates and builds upon knowledge gained in LAWS6243 International Law I.
  • The relationship between international law and domestic law is explored in depth, both in a comparative perspective and with reference to the impact of international law on Australian law and legal institutions.
  • This unit also addresses in detail the examination of the limits of state jurisdiction, the role of the individual in international law, international human rights, and the right of states to respond to international wrongs

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