The University of Sydney Law School – further study options


Whether you are a lawyer or non-lawyer interested in enrolling in a graduate diploma or master's degree Sydney Law School gives you a number of alternatives to choose from.

Our degree programs range from our flagship Master of Laws (LLM) to specialist qualifications in areas such as business law and international law that offer a choice between a graduate diploma or master's degree.

Sydney Law School offers various specialist areas of law as part of its postgraduate coursework program. Each specialist area consists of specific units of study. In some cases there are specific degrees linked to these specialist areas (for example, Master of Environmental Law or Master of Health Law). In other circumstances, the specialist area may simply fall under the Master of Laws, the Graduate Diploma in Law or occasionally the Master of Global Law.

Master's degrees and graduate diplomas at Sydney Law School

  • Lawyers and law graduates can choose from the flagship Master of Laws (LLM) or a specialist coursework degree.
  • Non-lawyers can select a specialist coursework degree.

A master's degree consists of eight units of study. A graduate diploma consists of four units of study. Law graduates may apply for the LLM or any of the specialist programs. Non-lawyers may apply for the specialist programs but may require a qualification related to the discipline. Check the How to Apply section on the Law School website for more information.

To see the full range of course options, see our postgraduate units by degree or by specialist area.

Offshore program

It is also possible to undertake a small number of units overseas as part of Sydney Law School's Offshore Program, which includes those conducted in Berlin and Cambridge under the Faculty's Sydney Law School in Europe program.

Cross-institutional study

Students enrolled at an accredited LLM at another institution can undertake units of study for credit at Sydney Law School. For more information on requirements and closing dates, please visit our website cross-institutional study.