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The University of Sydney Law School aims to provide leadership in teaching, learning and research. Our staff are committed to educating postgraduate students in the law and in the moral purpose of the law through outstanding research-led teaching. Our cutting-edge research aspires to the highest level in all fields of law, and in particular Australia's place in the Asia-Pacific region and in our globalised world as a developed market economy. Our staff expertise is well respected. Not only are many of our staff leaders in their fields, but we also draw on a range of international experts to deliver our programs.

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Professor Chester Brown

International law


Professor Gail Mason


Professor Chester Brown is an expert in international law and international arbitration. He teaches, researches, and practises in the fields of public international law, international dispute settlement, international arbitration, international investment law, and private international law.   Professor Gail Mason is an expert in criminology and criminal law. Her research centres on crime, social justice and exclusion, particularly racist and homophobic violence; hate crime law and punishment and the legal construction of hatred.

Professor Graeme Cooper

Taxation law


Professor Jennifer Hill

Law & Business

Professor Graeme Cooper is an expert in taxation law. His principal research and teaching focus is on domestic corporate taxation, comparative tax law and tax policy.   Professor Jennifer Hill is an expert in Law & Business. She is known for her work in comparative corporate law and governance.

Professor John Stumbles

Commercial law


Professor Rosemary Lyster

Climate and environmental law

Professor John Stumbles is an expert in finance law. His research interests are in equity and commercial law; bankruptcy and insolvency; the impact of statute on the general law and the Personal Property Securities Act.   Professor Rosemary Lyster is an expert in climate and environmental law. She specialises in energy and climate law, water law and GMOs and environmental law.

Professor Tim Stephens

International law

Professor Tim Stephens is an expert in international law. He has published widely on issues of public international law, national and international environmental law and the law of the sea.