Learning and Teaching

The University of Sydney Law School is one of Australia’s leading law schools, preparing graduates for national, transnational and international legal careers.

It has a long history of excellence in legal education. Sydney Law School is committed to enabling students to achieve the University’s Graduate Attributes at the highest level, equipping them to achieve success in a range of roles in the legal profession, business, government, academia and the community.

Our staff are committed to educating undergraduate and postgraduate students in the law and in the moral purpose of the law through outstanding research-led teaching. Sydney Law School’s excellent in-class teaching is supported by a range of resources, including an outstanding law library, Legal Writing Resources, the University’s Learning Centre, a School-run Student Mentoring program and teaching and learning initiatives of the student law societies. Sydney Law School’s commitment to continuous improvement in teaching and learning is reflected in its Teaching Quality Standards Compact 2014.

Sydney Law School has an active Teaching and Curriculum Committee, with our Associate Dean (Education) dedicated to promoting and supporting teaching and learning.

Excellence in teaching in the Faculty is promoted, supported and rewarded through grants, awards and teaching resources.